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No More Knots Hair Protective Doo Rag


NMK has designed a doo that can protect your hair while you ride.  It is a long-tailed doo rag that has as an extra layer of material sewn into it on both sides. You slip your hair thru the two layers and then put the doo rag on as you would a normal doo rag.  

They are made of 100 percent cotton colorfast material. The hook and loop is sewn into the doo rags with double locking stitches. They have been tested and will not pull apart while you are riding down the road. They can be easily clean in the washing machine and dried in the dryer with no change to the doo rag.  Just make sure you close the hook and loop before washing.

Most orders shipped within 7 days.


A piece of material is added under the tail so you can slip your hair thru and it will be protected.
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