The doo rag with a highier level in quality, comfort, and design. 

Measure your head to get the best fit.

Small (22" - 23 1/2) * Regular (23" - 24 1/2) * Ex. Large (24 1/2 - 25 1/2)


No More Knots custom doo rags with velcro closure protects your head from sun, dirt, dust, mud, bugs, weather, and sweat. They are quick and easy to adjust.

There is no more fumbling with knots. 

They are made of 100 percent cotton colorfast material.The Velcro is sewn into the doo rags with double locking stitches. They have has been tested and will not pull apart doing activities.

They can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and dried in the dryer with no change to the doo rag.

They are a nice alternative to scarfs.